Training Plan Consultations

  • Do your employees have the open source skill sets they need?
  • How will you get everyone trained in time?
  • Should you use self guided books or bring in a vendor class or send each person out to public classes?

We can help evaluate your needs and help you design a training plan for your situation. Our President spent seven years working in a large support organization, first as a technician, then in the training department creating and delivering courses for new products. Both positions involved the planning of course delivery including:

  • Deciding which technicians needed what training.
  • Prioritizing the needs of the students, departments, and customers.
  • Choosing self study, in house, and outside training options.
  • Evaluating new materials.
  • Recommending long term professional development plans.

Since that time, we have continuously assisted clients and students with choosing the right courses, in the right order for their needs, and in some case, helping them make suggestions to colleagues for additional training.

The following free training resources may assist you in getting started with the technologies and in evaluating you team's needs. We have skills to assist in expanding knowledge in all of these topics. When evaluating other needs, ask your team if the material covered or the pace of the training they have reviewed is easy, hard, or about right.

The following resources are external to Lauber System Solutions, Inc. with content produced and right retained by their respective owners. Lauber System Solutions, Inc has no control over or responsibility for the content available external to this site.

  • Linux Foundation has a number of Free Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) mostly available through Check out all of the LF (fee and free) self paced e-learning.
  • Red Hat, Inc. offers some free MOOCs through as well as some shorter free technical overview videos at their own site. Look for the FREE DO0XX and CL0XX courses in their full list of classes.
  • Cloudera, Inc has an extensive library of resources. You may want to start with the Cloudera essentials for Apache Hadoop series. They also have an Intro to Hadoop and Mapreduce available at Udacity.
  • Lauber System Solutions staff have also expanded their own cloud and data science skills with a variety of free courses from Coursera including several courses from the Data Science series offered with John Hopkins University.