Course Development and Delivery

Lauber Systems Solutions, Inc.

Specializing in Linux and Unix  


  • Do you need an extra hand writing course materials for in-house training?
  • Could you use a different set of eyes to test course lab materials? 
  • Do you need an instructor for your existing Linux classes? 

I have contributed to course development, lab testing, and certification programs for a number of organizations.  Some of the projects include:

I regularly deliver training material for several companies.  To use these course materials, arrangements must be made directly with those companies or their authorized training partners.  However, feel free to request me as the trainer.

I do not have my own training materials but there are some publicly available materials that focus on LPI Certification objectives which could be used or modified for your needs.

  • The Linux Training Materials Project has an open source Linux Administration course available for download which covers command line basics as well as introductory administration tasks. 
  • Computer Prep offers course materials for sale in a variety of topics including entry and intermediate level training in preparation for LPI Certification as well as CompTIA certification preparation materials for Linux+, A+, Network+, and more.
  • Linux Certified offers course material for sale in addition to classes and other services.

Other materials I have taught include Global Knowledge Unix courses, IBM PC Institute and Helpcenter materials, IBM Warp Server, Caldera Linux, SCO OpenServer, SCO UNIXWare, and many more.