Consulting Services

Lauber Systems Solutions, Inc.

Specializing in Linux and Unix  


  • Do you have small projects such as installs and configurations? 
  • Are you looking for new network and system design suggestions? 
  • Perhaps you can use an extra team member to get a special project organized and completed? 

I have over 20 years of experience using Unix operating systems and over 15 years of experience with a variety of network operating system, general networking, interoperability, installation, configuration, troubleshooting, security, centralization, virtualization, and performance tuning.  I spent several years supporting network operating systems installation and configuration for a large hardware manufacturing company and have been a certified trainer in at least one operating system for 15 years.

Areas of Expertise

  • Installation and configuration of Linux distributions:

    • Perform Linux core installations (mostly Red Hat, CentOS, Fedora, and other anaconda based distributions but also some SUSE and Caldera deployments)

    • Configure Linux systems for specific networks, multiple networks, local user authentication, admin rights with sudo and shared directories

    • Configure installation repositories and install additional software with rpm, yum, yast, and other tools and ensure services start at boot

    • Customize kickstart and autoyast automated install files

    • Configure dhcpd, tftp, ftp, http, nfs, and yum for installation servers

    • Deploy Red Hat Satellite server and customize with cloned channels, custom base and child software channels, configuration channels, various user roles, groups, and activations keys.

  • Linux security and troubleshooting:

    • Troubleshoot SELinux policy

    • Manage SELinux contexts and booleans

    • Edit and write SELinux policy modules

    • Troubleshoot connectivity and permission issues occurring from basic network issues, service restrictions, tcpwrappers, iptables, PAM, SELinux, and more

    • Implement user security with PAM

    • Setup a Certificate Authority environment for in house certificates

    • Deploy bind with basic security of a chroot environment, views, hidden versions, TSIG keys, logging, and restrictions on transfers, queries, and updates

  • Storage and High Availability solutions:

    • Configure linux storage solutions including software RAID, iscsi target and initiator, and Logical Volume Manager configuration.

    • Customize udev rules and devmapper multipath

    • Deploy Linux failover clustering with Conga

    • Manage GFS journals, resizing, quotas, and tunable parameters

  • User Account and Authorization management:

    • Deploy Red Hat Directory Server including design of namespace, installation, replication, and migration of accounts from local, NIS, or LDIFs

    • Work with other admins to manage interoperability with Active Directory and Windows clients

    • Centralize account information with NIS, OpenLDAP, Red Hat Directory Server

    • Centralize authorization with LDAP, and Kerberos

  • Virtualization:

    • Deploy virtual machines on Linux with xen and kvm

    • Manage virtual machines with libvirt tools

    • Deploy Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization using RHEV Hypervisor, RHEL hosts, RHEV Manager, snapshots, templates and desktop pools

    • Migrate kvm guests to RHEV

  • Work with version control systems including cvs, subversion, and git

  • Develop course materials, write documentation and technical reports, and design training roadmaps for clients

  • Work with documentation submissions and management with DocBook, Publican, MediaWiki, and bugzilla